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Chevy Technology Acts as Extra Set of Eyes

If you’re a parent, there may have been a time or two when you’ve backed over a child’s bicycle or other toy. For some unfortunate mothers and fathers, the tragedy has resulted in far greater loss than a mangled bike wheel. That’s why Chevy has pioneered some new technology that will help you make sure there are no obstacles, or people, in your rear blind spots. “The majority of backover incidents are caused by the driver not being able to see their immediate surroundings,” according to Chevy driver behavior researcher Rondell Burge. “When you hear about backover or frontover incidents involving parents or grandparents and their little ones, your heart sinks. It’s personal and at Chevy we want to help drivers see as much of their environment as possible to help them avoid the unthinkable. That’s where Surround Vision can help.” For a complete explanation and demonstration of Chevy’s innovative Surround Vision, visit Chapman Chevrolet.

Now Available on New Equinox, Bolt and Traverse

Offered now on the 2018 Equinox, Bolt EV and Traverse, and coming soon to other vehicles in the Chevy lineup, Surround Vision delivers a bird’s eye view on all four sides of the vehicle, acting like a couple of extra sets of eyes for the driver. Using four cameras located in the rear, front and on each side mirror, Surround Vision displays an overhead shot of your vehicle and the surrounding real estate on the center stack of the instrument panel. That view is in addition to either a rear or forward-looking display. “I have a family and think of them often when doing my research,” Burge said. “My wife is a driver and my three young children are passengers in our vehicles. They’re also the little ones playing in our front yard, running around and having fun.” Surround Vision is just another tool drivers can use to help avoid collisions and unspeakable tragedies.

Other Technology Provides Greater Safety

Surround Vision is not the only ground-breaking technology offered by Chevrolet to help avoid accidents. Teen Driver has become a very popular feature for parents. Teen Driver helps keep young drivers focused by controlling the audio and providing reports on how fast your teen drives and where they go. Rear Seat Reminder is a simple tool designed to remind parents that they have a child in the back seat. Using audible and visual cues, Rear Seat Reminder just offers a friendly hint to the driver to check the back seat before leaving the vehicle. “Rear Seat Reminder is a simple feature designed to do exactly what the name suggests,” said GM safety chief John Capp. “While it does not detect the presence of rear-seat passengers or child seats, under certain conditions it can provide a simple, extra reminder to drivers to take another look inside their vehicle.” See all the safety features Chevy has to offer when you inspect the inventory and take a test drive at Chapman Chevrolet.

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