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Having lost nearly 10 percent of its body weight for 2018, the Chevy Equinox is ready to provide a responsive, nimble driving experience that also offers excellent fuel mileage. Along with losing weight, the Equinox went through a transformation that includes a new body design that earned excellent safety marks. “Think of it as core strength training,” according to lead development engineer Jill Dennis. “The new Equinox’s structure is leaner yet stronger, resulting in efficient performance that inspires confidence while also creating a more fun, safe and comfortable driving experience.” You can test drive the 2018 Equinox now at Chapman Chevrolet.

Turbo Engines Offer Performance Choices

The new Chevy Equinox has a couple of turbo engine choices for customers who want a choice between efficiency and power. the 1.5L turbo is in stock at Chapman Chevrolet now, but you’ll have to wait a bit to see the 2.0L turbo. The larger engine provides a whopping 252 horsepower and is able to make the run from 0 to 60 mph in just 7.2 seconds. The smaller engine delivers a phenomenal 32 mpg on the highway, while the larger motor still has great mileage with a rating of 29 mpg on the open road. The new design and responsive handling give Equinox drivers a fun driving experience. “From accelerating to turning corners, the 2018 Equinox drives ‘lighter,’ which correlates with a greater feeling of precision,” Dennis said. “It’s a dynamic, agile driving experience rooted in the solidity of the all-new body structure.”

New Body Design Pays Off

The new body and chassis design, along with the use of lightweight materials, has paid off in several areas for the 2018 Chevy Equinox. Engineers used a combination of high-strength and ultra-high strength steel to create a robust safety cage that surrounds the passengers and helps lessen the chance of injuries in the result of a collision. A stiffer body also helps in handling, and lets the engineers concentrate on improving the quality of the ride. A tighter body also means less noise and vibration, creating a more pleasant ride for the driver and passengers. The use of mixed materials is a philosophy Chevy is using on other vehicles, including the Bolt EV, Malibu and Traverse.

Plenty of Room for Cargo and People

Although the Equinox is classified as a compact SUV, its innovative design leaves plenty of room for people and cargo. An underfloor storage space in the rear is hidden from the eye, providing a secure place to store shopping bags and other items. The new Equinox has all the technology that’s available on other Chevy vehicles, including Teen Driver, Forward Collision Alert and Surround Vision. See how the new Equinox fits your transportation needs when you take a test drive at Chapman Chevrolet.

Data is the new popcorn. Everyone wants it, they can never seem to get enough and they’re disappointed when the bucket runs out. That’s why Chevrolet is making it easier than ever to sign up for the OnStar unlimited data plan through AT&T. Now any Chevy owner with an installed 4G LTE OnStar Wi-Fi hotspot can add an unlimited data plan to their vehicle by simply stopping at any AT&T retail store. “With Chevrolet 4G LTE data plan sales jumping nearly 275 percent in March year-over-year, providing customers with additional choices as to where and how they buy data was important to us,” according to Chevy VP of marketing, Paul Edwards. “Whether you are at a job site in your Silverado or letting your family stream videos on a road trip in your Traverse, Chevrolet owners will never be far from being able to sign up for an unlimited 4G LTE data plan.”

Another way to get unlimited 4G LTE data is to sign up for the plan when you first buy your vehicle from Chapman Chevrolet. Whether you choose a Spark, a new Bolt EV or the people-hauling king Suburban, it doesn’t take much to go through a few gigabytes of data when everyone is surfing the Net, streaming movies and posting their favorite selfies on social media. “More and more car owners are seeing the benefits of unlimited data on the go,” AT&T VP Joe Mosele said. “We are pleased to make this feature widely available for Chevrolet owners in our retail stores across the country. It’s now as easy as ever to sign up for in-vehicle unlimited data.”

A Couple of Coffees Affordable

The best thing about the unlimited data plan is the price. For the price of a couple of large Macchiatos and some banana bread, or about $20, you can stream your favorite videos, check out the latest happenings on Facebook and search for Pokemon monsters without ever worrying about exceeding your data limits. Chevy is the first major automaker to offer an unlimited data plan, just another feather in the cap of a company that continues to rack up major critical awards while becoming more popular than ever in the eyes of consumers.

4G LTE Standard on All Models

When you’re looking over the inventory at Chapman Chevrolet, you don’t have to pick and choose which model has 4G LTE. That’s because it’s offered for every vehicle that delivers the OnStar basic plan, which also utilizes your smartphone to offer remote vehicle access. Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive commuter or are going all out for the fully-loaded Suburban, make your trips more fun and stay in touch with unlimited data from Chevrolet and AT&T.