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Great Range, Engineering Excellence Help Win Award

You know a car is great when it wins a major award without selling a single unit. The Chevy Bolt Electric Vehicle (EV) will be available for sale at Chapman Chevrolet soon with the honor of being named Motor Trend’s Car of the Year under its hood. Motor Trend and Chevy have been tightly linked the last three years, with the Chevy Colorado winning truck of the year in 2015 and 2016 and the Camaro winning Car of the Year honors last season. “Chevrolet is on a roll with new and compelling vehicles that have reset the bar for trucks in 2015, trucks and sports cars in 2016, and for 2017, electric cars,” according to Motor Trend Editor-in-Chief Ed Loh. “The Bolt EV is certainly a game changing vehicle and we look forward to seeing whether we’ll be recognizing another Chevrolet next year in our annual awards.”

Possible Tax Credits Can Add Up

Depending on your personal tax situation, you could receive a federal tax credit of as much as $7,500 when you purchase a Bolt. The Bolt has a suggested retail price of $37,495 and comes with a 10.2-inch diagonal touch screen  that not only controls your communication and audio, but also gives you real-time energy efficiency reports. The reported range of the Bolt is an astounding 238 miles on a single charge. With the average daily commute less than 40 miles, you could drive for an entire work week without worrying about a charge. A “Regen on Demand” paddle on your steering wheel lets you slow the Bolt without ever touching the brake pedal. The energy you use to decrease speed gets put back into the battery, increasing your range even farther.

Silent But Friendly Bolt a Stealthy Ride

You’ll slip quietly through neighborhoods as the quiet electric engine works together with a streamlined body to cut through the wind. Along with a sporty look to slice through the air, the Chevy Bolt has an enclosed underbody to make sure no air gets trapped in the chassis. The result is a car that can slice through the atmosphere like a hot knife through butter, offering a clean, quiet ride that lets you enjoy the quality sound system.

Charging Made Easy With 240V System

Add the optional 240-volt charging system and you can add up to 25 miles of range in just an hour. It takes just over 9 hours to recharge the system from empty. DC Fast Charging stations are strategically located in public areas and can deliver 90 miles of range in just 30 minutes. Talk to the pros at Chapman Chevrolet to get all the details on charging, or watch a helpful video at


Ready to Tackle Tough Jobs

Similar to the iconically tough Carhartt line of work clothing, the new Carhartt 2017 Silverado HD is ready, willing and able to take on the toughest tasks. “Chevrolet HD trucks are designed for hard work, just like your favorite Carhartt, their functionality transcends the workplace to become a style statement,” according to Chevy Truck marketing director Sandor Piszar. “This concept vehicle mirrors the lifestyles of countless Chevy truck owners, demonstrating the personal connections with the tools of their trades.” A jet black interior is punctuated by seats covered in the famous Carhartt duck brown cloth. Armrests and door panel inserts are made of the material as well, with contrasting triple-stitching to add strength. The tonneau cover is also made of matching Carhartt material. A laser etching of the Carhartt logo is on the headrests, making this both a beautiful and unique truck. Stay in touch with Chapman Chevrolet to see when you can test drive a Carhartt Chevrolet Silverado.

Powerful Diesel Brings the Performance

The Carhartt 2017 Silverado HD has an all-new Duramax 6.6L diesel V8 under the hood, producing more horsepower than ever before and enough torque to satisfy any task. With 445 horses and 910 pound-feet of torque, the diesel is not only more powerful, but smoother and quieter than ever before. A raised hood scoop brings in plenty of fresh air as part of a very unique air induction setup. “With nearly 2 million sold over the past 15 years, customers have forged a bond with the Duramax diesel based on tgrust and capability,” said Global Propulsion Systems VP Dan Nicholson. “The new Duramax takes those traits to higher levels.”

Chevy Accessories Add to Carhartt Package

The Carhartt Silverado is built tough for tough jobs, but there are plenty of fun accessories and trim accents to help with pride of ownership. Special touches like trailing mirrors with a backup camera system, perimeter bed lighting and a special swing-out tool chest are all nice touches that make the work day just a little bit easier. A 20-inch LED light bar, antique nickel trim accents, Carharrt gold pinstripes and electrical outlets within the bed add to the amenities of this special truck. Special edition Chevy trucks always come with a special paint job, and the Carhartt Silverado HD is no exception. A two-tone Carbon Flash finish is matte on the top with glossy black on the bottom. See the 2017 Carhartt Chevrolet Silverado HD at Chapman Chevrolet.