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Redesigned Pony Car Impresses With Looks, Handling

When the engineers and designers took pen to paper and started redesigning the Chevrolet Camaro for its sixth generation life cycle, if truth be told they had to hope for public acceptance and some major awards. The acceptance has come in terms of sales, and the first award is the coveted “Motor Trend Car of the Year” for 2016. “Motor Trend” is one of the most popular consumer magazines covering the automotive industry. The magazine’s editors loved both the V6 and V8 versions of the car. They judged 26 competitors based on six key criteria: Advancement in Design, Efficiency, Safety, Value, Engineering Excellence and Performance of Intended Function. Drive the Car of the Year for yourself with a visit to Chapman Chevrolet in Tempe.

Design Was an Evolution, not Revolution

You can definitely see the relationship to the previous model year in the new Chevrolet Camaro, but that’s not to say that a few tweaks weren’t in order. The new Camaro is built on the popular Alpha platform that sits underneath the Cadillac ATS and CTS. As a result, the Camaro is longer than its predecessor. It also has slightly different lines and a bit of a more aggressive look. The biggest change is in the cockpit, where a smarter, more ergonomic design and the use of higher quality materials delivers a more comfortable experience.

Camaro Delivers Real Sports Value

One of the highest category for the Camaro was value. Motor Trend editors lauded the fact that you can get a 275-horsepower turbo engine for just $27,000. Step up to the 335-horse engine and it’s just a bit over $28,000. If you need more horsepower than that, the 455 SS beast is still reasonably priced at $37,000. You can unleash at least some of that horsepower for yourself by taking a trip to Chapman Chevrolet for a test drive.

New Camaro Proves Weight Loss Equals Performance

By shedding about 200 pounds from the previous Camaro, Chevy’s engineers boosted the performance of all the models. The new SS, although not as powerful as the outgoing Z28, actually performs better in the straight quarter-mile run. “A Revelation. Absolutely world-class sports car performance and dynamics from an American icon,” said editor-in-chief Angus MacKenzie. “The new Camaro is one of the finest driver’s cars in the world. And that’s before you even talk about the price.”


Krypton Concept Car Features Lighted Bowties

It’s appropriate that Chevrolet named this particular concept car “Krypton.” Not only does the modified Chevrolet Camaro look like it comes from another planet, but it just might be the kind of vehicle that could cause Superman some serious problems. With the electroluminescent paint scheme, including a series of bowtie logos that light up on the doors, Krypton was one of four Camaros causing a stir at the local SEMA automotive industry conference in Las Vegas. Although Chapman Chevrolet doesn’t have any cars that come from another planet, it is an excellent place to stop in and check out the newest incarnation of the Chevrolet Camaro.

Performance Concept Features Lowered Suspension

For the SEMA show, Chevy took a brand new Summit White SS Camaro and lowered the suspension, added some billet-cut wheels and red accents and then added some performance enhancements. Chevy also darkened the taillamps, added a rear spoiler and a front extension then put a red insert with a black bowtie in the SS grille. The interior was finished with black leather with red trim. Chevy performance logos were put on the console cover, pedals and the black suede knee pads.

Hyper Blue and Ceramic White Combine for Show Stopper

The “Hyper” concept Chevrolet Camaro turned some heads with its striking blue metallic paint job combined with a contrasting Ceramic White interior. This is a paint combination you can either find at or order from Chapman Chevrolet in Tempe. Chevy took the hyper concept up a couple of notches by adding a nod to the heritage of the vehicle with white rally stripes and fender badges that say “Camaro.” A blue engine cover matches the paint job while a black bowtie logo on the front is illuminated for just a little extra flash.

Black is the New Black for Gearheads

Black, black and more black seems to be the way of the world for performance enthusiasts buying new sports cars. The Camaro Black concept car at SEMA featured a lot of, you guessed it, black. “It is a very popular thing customers do with the fifth-generation Camaro and we wanted to be the first to show how it looks with the new Gen Six,” said the senior creative designer for the Camaro, Adam Barry. “I’ll tell you – it looks pretty sinister.” Mosaic Black Metallic vents on the hood, dark windows and special Black Edition logos throughout all added to the evil nature of the vehicle.