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Chevy’s Supercar Leaves Thoroughbreds in Dust

When it comes to comparing pricetags, even the most expensive Chevrolet Corvette can’t hold a candle to the McLaren 650S Spider ($350K), Lamborghini Huracan ($274K) or Porsche 911 GT3, a relative bargain at $163,000. At just a little over $100K, the Z06 Corvette is little more than an accessory to some of those cars, but it proved who is king of the road at the 2015 Lightning Lap at the Virginia International Raceway. In fact, the only car to ever beat the Corvette’s time was a Porsche prototype that cost almost a million dollars. That vehicle came in just 1.5 seconds faster than the 2015 Corvette’s time of 2 minutes, 44.6 seconds. Unlike the Porsche, you can actually own the Corvette. Just take a trip to Chapman Chevrolet in Tempe.

Not the Fastest, But had Best Handling

The Corvette proved the old adage that the fastest doesn’t necessarily win the race. The McLaren shot down the straightaways at 204 miles per hour to claim the speed title, but the Corvette’s ability to hug the corners and grip the road paid off in the end. Known as “America’s Nurburgring” after the famous European track, the Virginia Raceway spans 4.1 miles and has 24 turns including hills and dips. Four driver/journalists spent three days analyzing all the industry’s top sports cars, separated by price. “The Z06 is truly an all-around performer,” according to Chevy marketing guru Todd Christensen. “You could drive it to work every day and still be the fastest at the track.”

Corvette Offers Wide Price Range

If you don’t feel the need to beat supercars in your daily drive to work, the Corvette Stingray offers a way to impress everyone without taking out a second mortgage. With a starting sticker price of just $55,400, you get all the dynamic styling of America’s iconic sports machine that still delivers 460 horsepower. Step on the accelerator and feel your spine disappear into the bolstered seat on your way to a 0-60 mph time of just 3.7 seconds. With that kind of performance, you might expect to make frequent appearances at the pump, but the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray delivers an amazing 29 miles per gallon on the highway.

Set Up House at Intersection of Technology and Design

One look at the 2016 Corvette will bring a smile to any auto lover’s face. From the aggressive sloping hood to the inset taillights and centered four-pipe exhaust, this is a car that screams fun. Step inside and let technology take over as the tightly-engineered weight distribution makes taking those sharp corners a thrill beyond belief. Electric power steering helps you feel the road and Brembo brakes bring you to a halt when the fun is done. Test drive the new Corvette today at Chapman Chevrolet.


Design the Camaro of Your Dreams

More than 55,000 people, some dreamers and some actually in the market to buy a Chevy Camaro, went online and designed their new pony car during the first week of existence of the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro Visualizer. Using their mouse to point and click, customers are able to choose color and pick all the options and accessories they desire. The result is a high-definition image of the Camaro of their dreams which they can modify as they choose. Early selectors are in favor of Hyper Blue Metallic with gloss black wheels outlined in red and Adrenaline Red leather for the interior. The totally redesigned Camaro will be making an appearance soon at Chapman Chevrolet.

Generation Six Prices Unveiled

Chevy recently announced the prices for the sixth generation of the iconic Camaro. The Camaro 1LT will start at $26,695 and give you plenty of features and performance. The new Camaro will come in just two models, the LT and SS, with two trim levels available in each model. The Chevy Camaro SS will start at $37,295. “The all-new 2016 Camaro builds on what made the Camaro the segment leader for five years,” according to Camaro marketing manager Todd Christensen. “It will reset the bar in the segment with even greater levels of performance, new technologies not found on any other car in the segment, and more choices that enable customers to take personalization farther than ever before.”

Non-stop Drop Top New for Camaro

Keep your Camaro convertible under 30 miles per hour and watch in amazement as the rear top area opens and the lid folds down neatly and tucked away while you continue to drive. Other new technologies include Apple CarPlay, a driver mode selector that lets you choose between snow/ice, tour and sport models, remote vehicle start and power seats for both the driver and passenger. Choose the Camaro 1SS and you’ll get a more aggressive styling packing along with cooling systems for the transmission and engine oil, enhanced Brembo brakes and performance Goodyear tires.

Three Engines to Choose From

Depending what model and trim level you choose, Chevrolet is offering three engines for the new Camaro. The 2.0-liter Turbo might sound like something that would come in a compact commuter vehicle, but this little whirlwind delivers 275 horsepower and 295 foot pounds of torque to provide ample power for passing and the occasional showing off. The 3.6-liter V6 steps up to 335 horsepower, but move on up to the SS and you can get the 6.2-liter V8 that matches 455 horsepower with a neck crunching 455 foot pounds of torque to get you off the line quicker than your rival. You’ll have to wait a bit, but the new Camaros will be ready to drive at Chapman Chevrolet very soon.


Adding a Little Sportiness to Popular Crossover

The Chevy Equinox crossover vehicle has proven to be a hit with consumers based on roominess, comfort and impressive fuel efficiency. Sales in July were 15 percent higher than in 2014, but that didn’t stop Chevy’s engineers from trying to improve the boxy little vehicle’s look. published spy photos of the vehicle in Phoenix testing for overheating during the summer. Although it was camoflauged with paint and vinyl coverings, it’s evident the new Equinox will be lower and more streamlined for 2017. The profile is also lower than current models, which could equate into even better gas mileage, than the current model’s 32 mpg on the highway. If you can’t wait until 2017, stop by Chapman Chevrolet to test drive the 2016 models.

2016 Equinox Also Has Design Changes

If you compare the 2016 Equinox to the 2015 model, you’ll notice some changes. A dual front grille is covered in chrome to add a sophisticated look. Restyled headlights and LED fog lights now help illuminate your way in even the most inclement weather. Sculpted taillamps and rectangular chrome exhaust tips provide a little more modern design for today’s commuter. Contrasting seat colors in premium cloth make for a much richer, sophisticated and more comfortable interior. The Equinox has almost 40 inches of rear leg room, allowing three adults to sit in perfect comfort on long trips.

Safety is Watchword for 2016

Chevrolet is one of the leaders in providing safer vehicles for 2016 and beyond. That includes the new Equinox, which offers a combination of sensors and cameras to help you look out for obstacles and possible collisions. Side Blind Zone Alert helps keep you aware of vehicles where you can’t see, while Rear Cross Traffic Alert warns of pedestrians or vehicles approaching from the side at the back of the vehicle. Other safety features help avoid collisions in the front, as well as lessen the damage should a crash occur. The Equinox surrounds you and your passengers with six air bags and a steel structural cage to help lessen injuries in case of a crash or roll over. The GM OnStar system automatically calls for help should you be involved in an accident.

Equinox One of Five Crossover/SUVs

Chevrolet has one of the most comprehensive lines of crossover and SUVs in the American car market. From the compact Trax and larger Equinox, the line moves up in size through the Traverse and Tahoe to the king of all SUVs, the mighty Suburban. Your Phoenix Chevy dealer, Chapman Chevrolet, has a large inventory of SUVs and crossovers just waiting for you to drive and compare.