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Midyear Test Receives Good Crash Results

When the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety bestowed its highest “good” rating following the Chevrolet Sonic midyear front crash protection test, it qualified the vehicle for the Top Safety Pick award for all vehicles built after February of this year. Chevrolet made changes to the front end of the Sonic, including the door sills and pillars, to achieve the good rating. Sonic has 10 standard airbags, the only vehicle in its class to offer that much protection to the drier and passengers. You can seen the new, safe Chevrolet Sonic now at Chapman Chevrolet.

Technology Adds Collision Avoidance

Chevy’s patented Forward Collision Alert and Lane Departure Warning features are available on the Sonic, adding two more ways the vehicle can help you avoid a crash. Forward Collision Alert warns you when the vehicle you are trailing has either slowed down or stopped. Lane Departure Warning is for those late nights when you might lose focus and wander in and out of your prescribed lane of traffic. Audible and optical alerts help you concentrate and bring your vehicle back under control.

Eyes in the Back of Your Head

With an available rear view camera, the Sonic displays everything that might be considered an obstacle behind you. Head forward and the stability control system and traction control combine to provide you with a stable ride that can plow through the worst types of inclement weather. Although all these safety features can’t prevent every crash, Chevy’s On-Star System automatically contacts a service provider in the case of a wreck. After ensuring you and all your passengers are unhurt, the provider will send help.

40 Miles to the Gallon

With fuel prices on the rise again, perhaps the best thing about the Chevrolet Sonic is that it delivers 40 miles to the gallon without the added cost of an electrical motor or hybrid configuration. With an industry-best infotainment system that delivers concert sound, the Sonic makes for a great little commuter that provides all the luxury you need at an inexpensive price. Your ride-share passengers will enjoy the Wi-Fi connectivity that provides 4G LTE Internet speeds so they can work or play during what used to be those boring hours on the road. Test-drive the new Sonic today at Chapman Chevrolet.


Midnight Edition Offers Sinister Look

As the flagship sedan in the company’s lineup, the Chevrolet Impala has long been recognized as a sporty, yet functional vehicle that works as well for couples as it does for families. With the introduction of the Midnight Edition trim level, you can add those who like a little edge to their vehicle to the list of potential customers. Due to arrive to Chapman Chevrolet early this summer, the all-black Impala provides a dramatic alternative to the list of full-size sedans available on the market.

Black is the New Black

With a jet black exterior, black mirrors, a black grille and black wheel accents, the Midnight Edition Chevrolet Impala is perfect for nights when you want to go into stealth mode or just announce your arrival with a sophisticated flair. Even the iconic Chevy bowtie on the front and back are all black, as is the interior and the spoiler. You’ll have your choice of a 2.5-liter or 3.6-liter engine, depending if you opt for fuel mileage or performance. The production model is based on a concept vehicle from 2014.

Consumer Reports Loves the Impala

The consumer advocates at Consumer Reports scored the Impala above all other sedans and just slightly below the $100,000 plus Tesla Model S and BMW 1 series as best cars of 2014. It is the only domestic sedan to ever score first in the sedan category. The editors loved the luxurious ride and the “cushy and controlled” handling. They also like the spacious cabin and the use of high quality materials to create the feel of a much more expensive vehicle. A roomy backseat, extra large trunk and interior layout also helped push the Impala to the top of the list. Test drive the Impala for yourself at Chapman Chevrolet in Tempe.

Impala is a Rolling Hot Spot

When you’re out cruising in the dark in your new Midnight Edition, you and your friends can take advantage of the 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot to connect up to seven Internet devices. The driver can utilize real-time navigation alerts while the passengers are watching video, listening to Internet radio or just searching the Web for the latest ball scores. Hotspot technology is just the tip of the iceberg of the features available on the new Chevrolet Impala. Forward collision alert, side blind zone alert, automatic front braking and a rear camera are some of the safety features that make the Impala a great choice to transport your family.