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Colorado ZR2 Debuts in Long Off-road Race

As the only stock production truck to finish the “Vegas to Reno” off-road race, the Chevy Colorado ZR2 has raised the bar for desert driving enthusiasts. Finishing the 539-mile run in just 18 hours and 50 minutes, drivers Chad Hall and Frank DeAngelo of Hall Racing were impressed with the capability of the ZR2. “This truck is a lot tougher than I thought it was going to be,” Hall said. “I clobbered some things on the course that would’ve broken many of the vehicles we competed with in the past.” Aside from some required modifications for safety that included a roll cage and racing seats with harnesses, the ZR2 is pretty much the same truck you’ll be able to buy off the lot at Chapman Chevrolet.

Serves as Development Run

“First and foremost, this was a development trip for our engineering team,” according to GM director of global accessories Mark Dickens. Dickens also served as part of the chase team for the entire run. “ZR2’s performance went beyond our most optimistic expectations, completing ‘Vegas to Reno’ in its first outing. We learned a lot of things about the truck and could not be happier with the result, as well as the efforts of the Hall racing team.” The ZR2 is effectively a segment of one, providing the only midsize production truck that has such outstanding off-road capability. The off-road mode adusts the calibration of the engine, traction control and transmission to provide optimal handling and performance in tough conditions. You can choose from a powerful 3.6L V6 gas engine, or opt for the only diesel engine in the midsize class.

Also Comes in Special Editions

If you don’t need the toughness of the ZR2 but would like a midsize truck for your daily needs, the Chevy Colorado offers a number of Special Editions. The Redline Edition features black and red accents that set it apart from the crowd. The Colorado Custom is built for productivity, bringing your office into the cab of your truck. It features an upgraded radio and OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi to ensure you’ll always be connected to the outside world. If the beach is more to your liking, the Shoreline Special Edition has an available stand-up paddle board carrier, tiered storage racks and large 18-inch wheels to help you power through the sand. The Midnight edition is black on black, offering a sophisticated street look for those nights on the town. See the entire Colorado lineup and take a test drive today at Chapman Chevrolet.

If your child is one of the 362,000 turning 16 this month, chances are you’re more than a little worried about them getting behind the wheel of the family sedan. That’s why Chevrolet is offering three free months of OnStar Family Link for any Chevrolet owner with a 2012 or newer vehicle and an active OnStar subscription. By using technology to receive email or text alerts when the subscribed vehicle arrives or departs a particular location, you can keep tabs on your kids and their whereabouts. For more information on how the technology works, visit Chapman Chevrolet in Tempe.

Dream for Kids, Nightmare for Parents

“The day your children start driving is a dream come true for them, but it can be a nightmare for a concerned parent,” according to Luciana Chamberlain, executive in charge of the Family Link program. “OnStar Family Link can help minimize a parent’s anxiety by letting them know when their child has arrived at school, left a friend’s house, or traveled outside of their comfort zone.” After the free subscription period, Family Link services are just $3.99 per month. “Driving on their own was a big event in my children’s lives, but that also meant I spent more time thinking about where they were and how they were doing,” said Chevy marketing director Steve Majoros. “Chevrolet wants to put parents at ease by offering in-vehicle technology that shares real-time info on where their kids are and how they’re driving, so moms and dads can give feedback that helps their teens become better drivers.”

Teen Driver Helps Keep Youths Focused

There are now 10 vehicles in the 2017 and 2018 model year Chevrolet lineup that offer the Teen Driver technology. Designed to help keep teens focused on the road, Teen Driver lets parents set radio volume limits as well as issuing speed warnings when a teen driver goes above a particular speed. It will also mute the radio until everyone in the front seat has their belt on. Teen Driver will also issue reports about where a vehicle was driven, the maximum speed and any safety related events that occurred during the drive.

OnStar Smart Driver Issues Monthly Reports

OnStar Smart Driver is a service that issues monthly reports based on trip behaviors, speeds, hard braking events and rapid acceleration. By going over the report with your teen driver, you can talk about safety issues and how to see the “big picture” when driving to avoid any near collisions. See all the new technology that helps keep your teen driver safe when you visit Chapman Chevrolet.

Much-anticipated Bolt EV has Arrived

With technology derived from the Lunar Rover moon missions, the new Chevy Bolt Electric Vehicle (EV) is now ready to make a giant leap for mankind in the field of alternative energy transportation. The Bolt has finally arrived on the showroom floor at Chapman Chevrolet. Ready for your inspection and test drive, the Bolt offers unprecedented range, sporty handling and an overall driving performance that made it Motor Trend’s Car of the Year.

Outside the Box Thinking

When Ferenc Pavlics and his project team created the Lunar Rover more than 45 years ago, they problems they were solving for astronauts would one day be helpful for an everyday driver on Earth. “When our team began engineering for the Lunar Rover, there were so many unknowns, including varied terrain, extreme temperatures and the effect of reduced gravity,” Pavlics said. “We pushed the boundaries of automotive technology.” The Chevrolet design team is doing the same with the Bolt, solving problems of weight and power to make electrification an bonafide transportation option. “The Bolt EV required a new architecture to upend the status quo on electric driving,” according to Bolt chief engineer Michael Lelli. “We drew on our deep electrification expertise to provide Chevrolet customers the first long-range, affordable electric car.”

Tax Credits Keep Price Down

Depending on your individual tax situation, federal incentives of the Bolt can add up to $7,500 off the starting sticker price of $37,495. Considering you’ll be driving by gas stations during your daily commute, that all adds up to tremendous savings. With an estimated 238 miles of range on a single charge, the Chevy Bolt offers the average commuter the ability to do their daily trips for up to a week without needing to bring the battery back to full power. Standard features on the new Bolt include a 10.2-inch color touchscreen which controls the infotainment system and relays important vehicle information. Choose the Premier model and you get leather upholstery, heated seats all around and a surround vision camera that gives you a bird’s eye view of your vehicle.

Learn a New Way to Drive

With the color touchscreen constantly updating you on energy usage, you’ll find yourself in a personal competition to squeeze every last drop of power out of your new Chevy Bolt. The Regen on Demand paddle on your steering wheel lets you slow down without hitting the brakes. It also converts the stopping power into electricity to top off your battery. One-pedal driving lets you slow down dramatically by lifting your foot off the gas, although the brake is always an option if you need to stop quickly. Swing by Chapman Chevrolet today and see how the new Bolt is changing the face of modern transportation.

The Rally Sport Truck (RST) Special Edition is now available on the popular Chevy Suburban and Tahoe, offering a package that delivers magnetic ride control, a 420-horsepower V8 engine and Chevy’s latest innovation, a 10-speed ultra-efficient automatic transmission. “Chevrolet has continually invested in Tahoe and Suburban, developing models with varying combinations of capability, technology and performance to meet the needs of different customers,” according to Chevy Truck marketing director Sandor Piszar. “The RST is designed for customers who want a street performance look without sacrificing capability or refinement, along with the option of increased performance as well.” The specially-equipped Chevy Tahoe and Suburban RST will be available at Chapman Chevrolet this fall.

Body Color Trim Replaces Chrome

Responding to customer demands for a more “street credible” look, Chevy has taken away much of the chrome in the RST package and replaced it with body color accents accentuated with black effects. A gloss-black grille, window trim, roof rails and badging provide a street performance look, accentuated by the iconic Chevy bowtie in all black. Choose the RST Tahoe or Suburban and you can get an available Borla exhaust system that improves exhaust flow by 28 percent for increased acceleration and fuel efficiency. Choose the Brembo brake package and you’ll get the ability to stop as quickly as you accelerate, with massive six-piston aluminum calipers clamping onto oversized rotors.

First Time for 6.2L V8

If you’ve been wanting a Chevy Tahoe with more horsepower and towing capacity than ever before, the RST package is the right choice. This is the first time the 6.2L V8 has ever been offered on the Tahoe. It not only produces 420 horspower, but creates a whopping 460 pound-feet of torque, more than enough to get your boat or camping trailer started at the bottom of a long hill. By pairing the massive motor with the new 10-speed transmission, both the Tahoe and Suburban get the most out of each gear as you shift smoothly up to cruising speed. “When you want to hustle, it is incredibly fast, with significantly higher levels of acceleration, braking and road-holding grip,” according to Chevy chief engineer Eric Stanczak. “When you want to relax, it is very refined, with exceptional ride comfort and interior quietness.”

Tahoe, Suburban Most Popular Full-size SUVs

The Chevy Tahoe and Suburban sit alone at the top of the full-size SUV market in America, accounting for almost half of all sales in that category. Owners of these two popular vehicles are also among the most loyal in the auto industry, coming back to buy the same vehicle 79 percent of the time. See why these two giants of the industry are so popular today by taking a test drive at Chapman Chevrolet.

Chevy Technology Acts as Extra Set of Eyes

If you’re a parent, there may have been a time or two when you’ve backed over a child’s bicycle or other toy. For some unfortunate mothers and fathers, the tragedy has resulted in far greater loss than a mangled bike wheel. That’s why Chevy has pioneered some new technology that will help you make sure there are no obstacles, or people, in your rear blind spots. “The majority of backover incidents are caused by the driver not being able to see their immediate surroundings,” according to Chevy driver behavior researcher Rondell Burge. “When you hear about backover or frontover incidents involving parents or grandparents and their little ones, your heart sinks. It’s personal and at Chevy we want to help drivers see as much of their environment as possible to help them avoid the unthinkable. That’s where Surround Vision can help.” For a complete explanation and demonstration of Chevy’s innovative Surround Vision, visit Chapman Chevrolet.

Now Available on New Equinox, Bolt and Traverse

Offered now on the 2018 Equinox, Bolt EV and Traverse, and coming soon to other vehicles in the Chevy lineup, Surround Vision delivers a bird’s eye view on all four sides of the vehicle, acting like a couple of extra sets of eyes for the driver. Using four cameras located in the rear, front and on each side mirror, Surround Vision displays an overhead shot of your vehicle and the surrounding real estate on the center stack of the instrument panel. That view is in addition to either a rear or forward-looking display. “I have a family and think of them often when doing my research,” Burge said. “My wife is a driver and my three young children are passengers in our vehicles. They’re also the little ones playing in our front yard, running around and having fun.” Surround Vision is just another tool drivers can use to help avoid collisions and unspeakable tragedies.

Other Technology Provides Greater Safety

Surround Vision is not the only ground-breaking technology offered by Chevrolet to help avoid accidents. Teen Driver has become a very popular feature for parents. Teen Driver helps keep young drivers focused by controlling the audio and providing reports on how fast your teen drives and where they go. Rear Seat Reminder is a simple tool designed to remind parents that they have a child in the back seat. Using audible and visual cues, Rear Seat Reminder just offers a friendly hint to the driver to check the back seat before leaving the vehicle. “Rear Seat Reminder is a simple feature designed to do exactly what the name suggests,” said GM safety chief John Capp. “While it does not detect the presence of rear-seat passengers or child seats, under certain conditions it can provide a simple, extra reminder to drivers to take another look inside their vehicle.” See all the safety features Chevy has to offer when you inspect the inventory and take a test drive at Chapman Chevrolet.