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Data is the new popcorn. Everyone wants it, they can never seem to get enough and they’re disappointed when the bucket runs out. That’s why Chevrolet is making it easier than ever to sign up for the OnStar unlimited data plan through AT&T. Now any Chevy owner with an installed 4G LTE OnStar Wi-Fi hotspot can add an unlimited data plan to their vehicle by simply stopping at any AT&T retail store. “With Chevrolet 4G LTE data plan sales jumping nearly 275 percent in March year-over-year, providing customers with additional choices as to where and how they buy data was important to us,” according to Chevy VP of marketing, Paul Edwards. “Whether you are at a job site in your Silverado or letting your family stream videos on a road trip in your Traverse, Chevrolet owners will never be far from being able to sign up for an unlimited 4G LTE data plan.”

Another way to get unlimited 4G LTE data is to sign up for the plan when you first buy your vehicle from Chapman Chevrolet. Whether you choose a Spark, a new Bolt EV or the people-hauling king Suburban, it doesn’t take much to go through a few gigabytes of data when everyone is surfing the Net, streaming movies and posting their favorite selfies on social media. “More and more car owners are seeing the benefits of unlimited data on the go,” AT&T VP Joe Mosele said. “We are pleased to make this feature widely available for Chevrolet owners in our retail stores across the country. It’s now as easy as ever to sign up for in-vehicle unlimited data.”

A Couple of Coffees Affordable

The best thing about the unlimited data plan is the price. For the price of a couple of large Macchiatos and some banana bread, or about $20, you can stream your favorite videos, check out the latest happenings on Facebook and search for Pokemon monsters without ever worrying about exceeding your data limits. Chevy is the first major automaker to offer an unlimited data plan, just another feather in the cap of a company that continues to rack up major critical awards while becoming more popular than ever in the eyes of consumers.

4G LTE Standard on All Models

When you’re looking over the inventory at Chapman Chevrolet, you don’t have to pick and choose which model has 4G LTE. That’s because it’s offered for every vehicle that delivers the OnStar basic plan, which also utilizes your smartphone to offer remote vehicle access. Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive commuter or are going all out for the fully-loaded Suburban, make your trips more fun and stay in touch with unlimited data from Chevrolet and AT&T.

Limited to 650 Production Run Worldwide

If you want to get your hands on a limited edition Corvette Carbon 65 Edition, now’s the time to check in with Chapman Chevrolet. Chevy is only making 650 of these beauties, commemorating the 65th anniversary of the introduction of America’s favorite sports car. “Corvette is one of the most storied names in Chevrolet and sports car history, with a heritage few can match,” according to Paul Edwards, Chevy marketing VP. “The new Carbon 65 Edition honors that legacy, while offering customers another unique, special-edition model that personalizes the ownership experience.”

Only Offered on Grand Sport 3LT and Z06 3LZ

The new Chevy Corvette Carbon 65 Edition runs about $15,000 and is only available on the Grand Sport 3LT and Z06 3LZ models. It features a lot of exterior carbon fiber, most readily apparent in the quarter ducts and large rear spoiler. A Ceramic Matrix gray exterior and special interior colors complement the carbon fiber. The package also includes unique stripes and graphics, black wheels with machined grooves, carbon-fiber ground effects, wheel center caps displaying the Carbon logo, badging, sill plates, a suede interior with blue contrasting stitching and competition sport seats. The new Carbon 65 Edition will be available through Chapman Chevrolet this summer, but it’s best to get your order in now.

New Features Coming for 2018 Corvette

The 2018 Chevy Corvette is loaded with new features to make America’s favorite sports car even more popular. HD digital radio is now in all models, as is an improved rear view camera with better resolution. An available performance data recorder lets you monitor a variety of information, including wheel speed, yaw rate, suspension displacements and more. A Spice Red interior and convertible top are now available on select models, as are new contrasting interior stitching patterns.

Stingray Has Five New Wheel Options

The 2018 Chevy Corvette Stingray now has five different wheel options, including a Motorsport design. A larger wheel size is also standard, with the 2018 featuring 19-inch front wheels and 20-inches in the rear. That’s inch larger than the previous model. The new Grand Sport now offers ceramic brakes as a stand-alone feature. The 2018 Z06 not only offers the Carbon Edition option, but also has two new wheel choices and a special gray interior available. See all the options when the new Chevy Corvettes come rolling into Chapman Chevrolet later this year.

Chevrolet has been the leader in a lot of categories in the automotive industry over the last few years, but in what may be the most unexpected statistic, the iconic American car company is mastering the art of weight loss. The 2018 Chevy Equinox is a prime example of shedding weight, losing 400 pounds from the 2017 model. The result is a sleeker vehicle with better performance and efficiency. The new All-wheel drive Equinox earns an EPA estimate of 30 mpg on the highway and 26 mpg in combined freeway and city driving, Be among the first to drive the new Equinox now at Chapman Chevrolet.

Diesel Option Coming This Fall

The 2018 Equinox is equipped with a surprisingly powerful 1.5L turbo four-cylinder engine that’s paired with a six-speed automatic transmission. If you can wait just a bit, Chevy is introducing a 1.6L turbo diesel, as well as a peppier 2.0L turbo gas engine in a few months. The diesel engine is expected to offer fuel efficiency in the hybrid range, somewhere around 40 mpg. The company also announced it will offer a nine-speed automatic transmission that increases efficiency and takes advantage of all the power in every shift range sometime this fall.

Sculpted Exterior Completely Redesigned

The 2018 Chevy Equinox has an athletic, muscular look that starts in the front with a sweeping hoodline and carries through the sculpted sides to the broad, authoritative rear end. Its relationship to the popular Malibu is unmistakable, with similar lines and appeal. Features such as LED daytime running lamps and smart chrome accents create a modern look sure to appeal to today’s commuter. The smart design continues in the interior, where plenty of room and storage for electronics, sunglasses and the inevitable what-not reflect the needs of today’s passengers. Controls are ergonomically arranged to let the driver concentrate on the road. A touchscreen infotainment system works with your smartphone to provide access to music, apps, podcasts and other forms of entertainment. Chevy’s 4G LTE Wi-Fi now offers unlimited data plans so all passengers can stay in touch with the outside world during daily commutes or long road trips.

Safety First With New Equinox Features

The 2018 Chevy Equinox has a number of available driver assistance features to help make sure you and your passengers get home safely. Low speed forward automatic braking takes over to help reduce the severity of front-end collisions. Lane keep assist gently guides your car into the proper lane if you should start to drift without using turn signals. A rear vision camera, rear cross traffic alert and rear park assist all help you avoid collisions with surprise objects and people coming from the back end. The new Equinox is ready and waiting for your test drive at Chapman Chevrolet.

Find Your Tag, Make a Deal

Head on over to Chapman Chevrolet in Tempe during Chevy Truck Month to score big cash back allowances on some of America’s most popular trucks and large SUVs. All you need to do is find the gold “Chevy Bonus Tag” hanging from the rear view mirror to see the exact amount of cash back available on a particular vehicle. Cash back ranges from $3,500 on Chevy Silverado HD to $5,500 on select 2017 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab trucks. Cash back is also available on Chevy’s two premiere SUVs, the full-size Tahoe and Suburban. Get $4,500 back on select models of either of these two vehicles. You’d better hurry though, because Truck Month cash back is based on taking delivery by March 31.

Silverado Highest Ranked in Initial Quality

JD Power has named the Chevy Silverado as the “Highest Ranked Large Light Duty Pickup in Initial Quality” for the past two consecutive years. During Truck Month, qualified buyers can get 0 percent APR for 60 months in addition to the $5,500 cash back on select models. The Silverado’s new muscular front-end design provides a bold look with a sculpted hood and aggressive stance. Right now the Silverado offers a number of special editions which have been featured prominently during commercials of the NCAA basketball tournament.

Tahoe Offers Spacious Seating Refined in Every Way

The full-size Chevy Tahoe SUV is a popular choice among families and people who need a bigger vehicle for hauling and towing. The available power-release seats in the second row make accessing the third row a snap. Fold the third row seats flat for a whopping 94.7 cubic feet of space for hauling. Chevy has gone all out with sound-deadening materials to keep outside noise where it belongs, utilizing a laminated windshield and triple seals on the doors. The Tahoe is also loaded with technology, offering up to seven USB ports and an available wireless charging station. OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi keeps all your electronics connected out on the road.

Suburban Remains King of the Road

As the longest-running production vehicle in the history of the American auto industry, the Chevy Suburban delivers the room, power and comfort to make those long road trips with the family an enjoyable memory. There’s room in all three rows for people to spread out in a Suburban and enjoy their own space, whether they’re reading a book or using a fast Wi-Fi connection to watch a movie. With 121.7 cubic feet of cargo space, the Suburban is definitely the king when it comes to hauling people and things. Test drive the most iconic American SUV in history by taking a trip to Chapman Chevrolet in Tempe.

Chevy Offers Unlimited 4G LTE Wi-Fi

Chevy Owners Gobbling Up Data

Although in-vehicle Wi-Fi hasn’t been around for long, Chevy customers are gobbling up the data available with the OnStar 4G LTE hotspot. Chevrolet owners used more than 4 million gigabytes of streaming data for music, video and information in 2016, a fact that did not go unnoticed in the Chevrolet executive offices. “We have contractors bidding jobs in their Silverados, families streaming movies in their Suburbans and Malibus and everyone tapping into the cloud for music,” according to GM president Alan Batey. “With the most affordable unlimited 4G LTE data plan in the auto industry, the widest availability of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and new connected services like OnStar AtYourService, our momentum can only grow.” Chevy now offers an unlimited prepaid data plan for just $20 per month, letting customers stop using their expensive phone data streams as hotspots. The plan is across the entire Chevrolet lineup, which you can examine in great detail at Chapman Chevrolet.

Data Use Up 200 Percent

When comparing to 2015, the data usage in a Chevrolet was 200 percent higher in 2016. The last six months of 2016 showed as much usage as the previous 24 months combined. The entire year of data usage was the equivalent of 17.5 million video hours, or watching the movie “Frozen” approximately 8.75 million times. “We’re pleased to deliver this special unlimited data plan to Chevy owners,” said the president of AT&T’s IoT solutions division, Chris Penrose. “Accessing the Internet through AT&T’s 4G LTE Wi-Fi, passengers can now access all of their content and enjoy endless entertainment on the go.”

OnStar Standard on All Chevy Models

Peruse the lot at Chapman Chevrolet and you’ll find that the OnStar basic service comes standard on all new cars, trucks and SUVs. Aside from the basic plan, OnStar offers three different levels of service that can be purchased monthly or for a yearly discount. The Guidance plan is the most comprehensive, offering navigation, advisor support and 30 hands-free calling minutes per month. The Guidance plan also includes all the features of both the Security and Protection plans. The Protection plan delivers automatic crash response, emergency services, roadside assistance, remote access, advanced diagnostics and advisor support. The Security plan includes all that, plus theft alarm notification, stolen vehicle slowdown and remote ignition block. The free Basic plan includes the ability access certain vehicle functions from your smartphone, a monthly diagnostics report, proactive alerts and more.